ENCO 2019
International Conference and Exhibition on
Energy & Environment : Challenges & Opportunities
February 20 - 22, 2019
Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, India
Full Paper Submission Guidelines
  • Please note that the Full Paper must not be more than 10-12 pages in A4 Size in MS Word Document (.DOC/.DOCX format).
    [PDF and any other uneditable version is NOT ACCEPTABLE as we may need to correct some simple grammatical errors]
  • Font type ‘Times New Roman’ with font size for the main text as ‘10 px’. Captions and labelling may be done as suitable in the same font type but varying in font size. Abstract Title font size: 24 px. Bold, italics, underlining may be used as per the requirements of the full paper.
  • Use the template to prepare your full paper. Click Here To Download the Full Paper Template
  • Last date for submission of Full paper has been extended upto 10th September, 2018.
  • The full paper will be further reviewed and may be sent back to you with ‘reviewers’ remarks’ to have the same corrected and submitted once again online.
  • Theme/Sub-Theme of the full paper may change if the reviewers/Technical Committee feels so and it MUST be agreed and abided by all the concerned.
  • Upon receiving the Full papers, it will be categorized into “Oral” or “Poster” presentation, which MUST be agreed and abided by all the concerned.

Undertaking/Approval/Consent of Authors/Co-authors and all concerning Full Paper being uploaded:

  • By submitting the full paper, Authors and co-authors and any other associated person automatically and expressly approve, consent, and transfer the rights to the Organizers of ENCO 2019 to publish the full paper in the form of a book and that the Organizers of ENCO 2019 have the right to distribute the same.
  • Any infringement of copyrights in the full paper submitted will be the sole responsibility of the authors/co-authors of the full paper and Organizers of ENCO 2019 will not be held responsible in any way.

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